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Welcome to the CFO Application Services Learning Center

Welcome to the CFO Application Services Learning Center, a new site where we’ll explore the business applications hosting world.
Keith ButtonMay 31, 2013

On this site, you’ll find timely, useful, interesting articles and research about cloud-based services for businesses, along with the problems and benefits they create. At the learning center, we’ll shed light on the management, cost and security issues that businesses are grappling with in the hosted applications environment, and the solutions.

As the editor of the CFO Application Services Learning Center, my goal is to provide stories and research summaries that are clearly written, engaging and pertinent. I welcome any and all comments about application services, and about what our audience is most interested in reading about. I plan to draw on my experience reporting on business, financial and technology stories for nearly 20 years: as a business reporter for a daily newspaper in Northern New York; as a senior writer for a hedge fund industry newsletter; and as a freelance writer covering both technology and business.