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10 Key Facts about Nonqualified Deferred Comp

A guide to the increasingly popular executive savings vehicles.

>> Rich DeVita and Scott Holton


ACA Repeal Would Increase Deficit, Boost Growth

CBO report forecasts a $353 billion increase in budget deficit over 10 years and an average 0.7% rise in growth. >> Matthew Heller


Cigna Rejects Anthem’s $47B Takeover Bid

Health insurer cites governance concerns in rebuffing offer that represents a 35% premium to its stockholders. >> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


Asia-Pacific Workers Concerned About Ethics

Survey indicates that fraud prevention impacts recruitment, talent retention and business continuity in the Asia-Pacific region. >> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


Big Four Lead 9% Growth in Consulting Market

Acquisition strategies help Big Four firms to post 12% growth in 2014 to $17.5 billion.

>> Matthew Heller


EC Stands Behind IASB Accounting Rules

Report finds that IFRS helped more than harmed during the 2007-09 banking crisis.

>> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


Share Buybacks Boosting Big Firm Bond Deals

Repurchases or dividends were listed as among the use of proceeds in $58 billion of recent bond issues. >> Matthew Heller




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