CFO’s Daily Roundup: June 2, 2015

A collection of's articles and stories published on June 2, 2015.
Kerry MarunaJune 2, 2015

Get informed with CFO’s articles and stories from June 2, 2015…


Sen. Elizabeth Warren Blasts SEC Chair’s Tenure

In a letter, Warren tells Mary Jo White that her stint as chair of the SEC has been ‘extremely disappointing.’ >> Katie Kuehner-Herbert


Prying Open the Asset-Backed Securities Market

FINRA’s new data-tracking program will provide information on the timing, price, and volume of ABS trades. >> Katie Kuehner-Herbert


Disney, Time Warner Cable CFOs Step Down

Disney CFO Jay Rasulo lost out to Thomas Staggs in a faceoff to succeed Bob Iger as CEO, while Arthur Minson is leaving TWC. >> Matthew Heller


10 Tips on How to Become a CFO

From writing your curriculum vitae to negotiating the employment contract, here’s how to get to be CFO. >> Danielle Balestra


Muslim Job seeker Wins Supreme Court Bias Case

Employers cannot ‘fail or refuse to hire or discharge any individual’ … because of such individual’s ‘religious observance and practice.’ >> Matthew Heller


Pulling the Plug on Voicemail

JPMorgan Chase is shutting off voicemail for some employees in its consumer and community banking unit. >> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


Microsoft Sues IRS Over Hiring of Attorney Boies

Why has the IRS engaged Microsoft’s nemesis David Boies? The software giant is going to court to get the answer. >> Matthew Heller