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Best of 2008: Top CFO Europe Magazine Stories of the Year

Need to catch up? Here are the ten most popular stories that appeared in the print edition of CFO Europe magazine throughout 2008.
January 6, 2009

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Dash for Cash

With credit at a premium, freeing up funds from working capital gains a new urgency. (Includes scorecard.)

Fast Clothes

Benetton in the midst of a retail renaissance.

Fasten Your Seatbelts

The “fast close” is not just 1990s nostalgia.

The Spill-Over Effect

Parmalat survived bankruptcy without losing a day of production. But executives at the dairy group still have a lot more than milk on their minds.

Back to Basics

After years of empire building, Ahold learns the importance of focus.

Then & Now

Tracing CFOs’ top concerns through time.

In the Hot Seat

Meet the banking CFO who says the subprime crisis would be easy to handle — if only he didn’t have to oversee the integration of a €24 billion takeover.

The Players

Video game CFOs reach the next level.

Runaway pay

Regulation could come down hard on excessive executive pay.

Finance Factories

Why are some companies better than others at producing CFOs?