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A CFO’s Perspective on the Presidential Election

Finance executives believe that Donald Trump would be more positive for the economy, but both parties are unhappy with their choices in this election.
September 24, 2016
A CFO’s Perspective on the Presidential Election



Finance executives believe that a President Donald Trump would be more positive for the economy, but many are dissatisfied with the choices of both parties. Here are five articles looking at the presidential race from a finance viewpoint.

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Finance Execs Favor Trump Over Clinton by Large Margin

Donald Trump is the overwhelming choice for the next president of the United States among finance executives and other CFO readers, with about 55% of 576 respondents favoring him compared with about 35% for Hillary Clinton. Read more.

How Do Trump, Clinton Tax Plans Compare?

Trump’s tax plan is the clearest, most business-friendly policy we have seen in many years, according to Tom Wheelwright, Chief Executive Officer, ProVision. Read more.

Trump for the Economy, But a Vote for Clinton

The greatest impact the next president can have on the economy will be through the enactment of tax reform. While he is voting for Clinton, Leonard Bickwit Jr., Member, Miller & Chevalier, says her plans for tax reform are seriously deficient. Read more.

Any Sensible Economic Plan Must Raise Revenue

Even the most ambitious public-investment plans are only as good as their funding sources, and by that measure, Clinton’s plan is much likelier to succeed, according to Robert McIntyre, Director, Citizens for Tax Justice. Read more.

Will Political Uncertainty Trump Financial Markets? 

Wall Street may prefer the certain (Clinton) to the uncertain (Trump).There are at least three reasons that election years magnify financial market volatility, according to Paolo Pasquariello, Associate Professor of Finance, University of Michigan Read more.

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