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Why CFO's Are Banking On Cloud PLM To Save Money

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ROI numbers don't lie. What solution helped a lighting manufacturer reduce engineering change order (ECO) cycle times by 75%, a networking company improve ECO cycle times by 70%, and a digital processing business accelerate time to market by 20%? The answer? Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software. The financial benefits and ROI potential of PLM are increasingly recognized by innovative product company executives, especially CFOs, whose role has evolved from "bean counter," to strategist, to powerful change agent. Read and discover how much your product company can save using Arena PLM to manage your product record. Arena offers its own proprietary PLM analytics coupled with aggregated ROI metrics derived from third-parties to highlight industry-specific efficiency improvements categorized into three groups: Manufacturing and Internal Operations, Supply Chain Optimization, and Customer Satisfaction.
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Released: April 04, 2014
Length: 11 pages
Format: PDF (932 kb)
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