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Cloud Risks and Solutions

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During the Recession, the relationship between growth businesses and lenders faltered. Now that small businesses are getting stronger, lenders are taking a second look.

Being aware of potential cloud risks is the first step toward finding the proper solutions. Common areas of risk include an asymmetry of understanding, marketing and delivery mis-alignments, early adoption risks, and international operations. By increasing your company's efficiency, you may also be opening it up to a Pandora's Box of security threats and vendor disagreements.

The large divide between compliance and IT on the level of security in the cloud also poses a significant challenge as departments struggle to agree upon the appropriate cloud arrangements within a business. A lack of effective governance can also result in the presence of Shadow IT.

Topics in this eBook include:

  • Hybrid cloud risk management;

  • Merging real estate and IT departments

  • Actions to take before signing a cloud contract,

  • Why you should know your cloud provider's business model.

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Released: March 27, 2014
Length: 13 pages
Format: PDF (5284 kb)
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