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The Future of Strategic Business Management: Unifying Finance and HR

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Budgeting & Planning
Employee Benefits & Human Capital

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Organizations today operate in an environment of uncertainty, but also one of unprecedented opportunity. As businesses seek to not only survive, but achieve competitive advantage, they need a more accurate picture of their organization. To win, organizations must have a visbility into, and control on business strategy. Labor spend is often the most significant portion of an organization's budget, so the integration of financial and Human Resources (HR) systems and data would seem to be an obvious strategy. But today, many organizations are not establishing this link or are still running antiquated, disparate financial and HR systems that cannot support the necessary level of integration and analytic required by a global workforce. This Analyst Insight will examine the state of financial and HR systems today, and make recommendations on how organizations can transform to remain competitive into the future.
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Released: February 28, 2014
Length: 12 pages
Format: PDF (303 kb)
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