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Fixed Assets Primer: The Essentials for Managing Fixed Assets

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This e-book provides an overview of fixed assets management and illustrates why it is important to exercise control to ensure accuracy of fixed assets information. In today's current regulatory and highly competitive business environment, asset management is taking on far greater importance than in the past, with closer scrutiny of return on investment, as well as full disclosure of financial asset information. That said, asset accounting is a complex and sometimes seemingly inscrutable subject, with gray areas ripe for interpretation. In fact, many professionals readily admit that fixed assets accounting is one of the more complex areas of financial accounting. While the concept of an asset is fundamental to business accounting, for many organizations fixed assets management is still one of the weakest areas of internal controls; resulting in overpayment of taxes and insurance, higher total costs of ownership, missed opportunities for income tax deductions, and the risk of non-compliance with regulatory mandates.
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Released: October 29, 2013
Length: 22 pages
Format: PDF (1179 kb)
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