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Legal Issues in the Cloud

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Cloud regulation helps to ensure the security of your company and clients. But it can also make your cloud decisions much more complex.

As working with the Cloud becomes increasingly mainstream, legal issues become all the more prevalent. For example, what do you need to know about your cloud vendor's practices to protect your company? How do you get what you need in a cloud contract? What tax implications must be considered?

There are currently few legal precedents available to help shape cloud decisions, but using the appropriate resources to alert you of the latest relevant court proceedings and decisions can keep you informed about the legal landscape of the Cloud.

Government legislation and regulations should also impact your cloud decisions. Being aware of jurisdictional issues is extremely important, especially if your cloud network crosses international boundaries. As your company becomes even more dependent on the Cloud, be sure to be aware of any and all data security or sovereignty issues that might come your way.

Topics in this CFO eBook include:
-The legal aspect of data security;
-How to keep track of relevant court decisions;
-Operating across multiple legal and international jurisdictions;
-How to negotiate a cloud contract with your vendor.

Sponsored by: CFO
Released: October 24, 2013
Length: 20 pages
Format: PDF (2933 kb)
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