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Mastering Risk with "Data-Driven GRC"

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The emerging risk landscape in almost every industry vertical has changed. Effective methodologies for managing risk have changed (whatever your perspective: internal audit, external audit/consulting, compliance, enterprise risk management, or otherwise.) Finally, technology itself has changed, and technology consumers expect to realize more value, from technology that is approachable, at lower cost. How are these factors driving change?  Emerging risk landscapes  Evolving GRC methodologies  Empowerment through technology Where are organizations heading?  Data-Driven GRC represents a consolidation of methodologies, both functional and technological, that dramatically enhance the opportunity to address emerging risk landscapes and, in turn, maximize the reliability of organizational performance This 15-page whitepaper examines the key opportunities to leverage change?both from a risk and an organizational perspective?to build integrated, data-driven GRC processes that optimize the value of audit and risk management activities, as well as the investments in supporting tools and techniques.
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Released: October 03, 2013
Length: 16 pages
Format: PDF (181 kb)
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