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Shedding Light on Shadow IT

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Increasing IT presence in a firm seems like the perfect solution to countless business difficulties. So why all the fuss over Shadow IT?

At first glance, the potential of IT services to increase efficiency and profitability within a company seems tremendous. Almost all financial executives have a personal mobile device or laptop, and can access applications like Facebook and Skype from both their desks at home and their desks in the office. With these cheap or even free services, what could possibly go wrong?

Without the assistance of the IT department, the use and development of technology by a firm?s employees can go horribly awry. Hidden costs from cloud-computing services may sprout up, and company data may even be jeopardized. DIY projects and the use of personal devices with low security especially put businesses at great risk.

By ensuring strong communication with their IT departments, and working closely with the CIO, CFOs can take an active part in protecting their companies from unnecessary shadow IT risks. This CFO eBook is sure to provide you with appropriate advice on the most relevant IT issues.

Topics in this CFO eBook include:

-What Shadow IT is and why it can be dangerous
-The steps you must take to minimize the risks of Shadow IT
-FAQs about data security in the Cloud
-The pros and cons of BYOD ("bring your own device") policies
-The opportunities Shadow IT provides for you to work together with IT

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Released: August 14, 2013
Length: 29 pages
Format: PDF (8585 kb)
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