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The Changing Landscapes of 401(k)s

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The 401(k) environment is constantly evolving as new legislation is put into place and business practices adapt. Find out what 401(k) changes you should be aware of, and how to prepare for them.

As we continue on a path of economic recovery, defined-benefit pension plans often out-perform 401(k) plans, which were hit hard by the recession. As a result, many people are now mistrustful of their 401(k) options and the government is enacting legislation to help reinstate employees? faith in their retirement security.

As the Fed considers proposed rules for giving plan participants more annuity options to guarantee a lifetime income, it is also allowing for plan sponsors to provide investment advice through a fiduciary adviser. On the other hand, increasing obligations are being placed on CFOs, who are now responsible for evaluating and disclosing plan fees and investment information under ERISA.

Don?t be caught unaware by changes in liability legislation or a drop in assets. Read this CFO eBook for the latest information on the changing 401(k) landscape.

Topics in this CFO eBook include:
401(k) pitfalls that CFOs should consider;?
The appeal of annuity options;
ERISA liability and disclosure legislation;
The responsibilities of a fiduciary.

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Released: July 30, 2013
Length: 36 pages
Format: PDF (10981 kb)
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