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Heightened Urgency for Business English in an Increasingly Global Workforce

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We're excited to share the results of our third annual Business English Index (BEI)-the benchmark of Business English competency in the workplace. You will also find several key insights from a companion study that measures the attitudes and perceptions of global workers with regard to Business English proficiency called the Globalization of English Report. We believe that these two studies confirm the primacy of Business English as the de facto language of business.

These powerful findings from a survey of 137,000 global employees in 78 countries confirm that Business English proficiency is an absolute necessity in an increasingly global and connected world. Specifically, the research shows:

- A widening performance gap: Industries and countries that make Business English a priority are leaving their peers behind, as only 30% of workers have an intermediate or higher level of Business English competency.
- Business English adoption is inevitable: Global companies continue to embrace and invest in English, as evidenced by a 14% increase in proficiency year over year.
- A global sense of urgency: English skills are viewed as essential for career advancement, as 91% of workers report that English is required or important for their job.
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Released: April 24, 2013
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