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Applying Moore's Law to Business Processes

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Budgeting & Planning

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In 1975, Intel cofounder Gordon Moore famously observed that integrated-circuit capacity seemed to double every 18 to 24 months. In the decades since, this doubling - a.k.a., "Moore's Law" - has opened an almost magical door, enabling Digital Age enterprises to pack ever-more innovation in ever-slimmer, less-expensive packages, first shrinking room-sized computers to desktop PCs of greater power and ability, and then bringing us flat screen TVs, smart phones, and, most recently, PC tablets. But as silicon chips become more potent - and the products in the hands of the consumer more state-of-the-art -a discomforting question presents itself: Have comparable advances been made in the underlying business processes that support the sophisticated, robot-driven, automated manufacturing lines that make those wonderful products? Our experiences suggest "no." A look at why that is, why it needs to change, and how applying Moore's-like rigor to underlying processes can transform an enterprise.
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Released: November 12, 2012
Length: 4 pages
Format: PDF (178 kb)
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