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Save Time & Money with Contract Signature Automation

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E-Signatures represent an inexpensive and automated way to finalize contracts & conduct business amongst trading partners. This technology empowers those who want to expediently close legally compliant business deals, as customers can sign on the "virtual dotted line" in the blink of an eye. For several years, legislation in the US, Canada, The EU, and the UK has permitted the use of electronic signatures. US: The Electronic Signatures In Global & National Commerce Act ("E-Signature Act") became effective in the US on October 1, 2000. European Union: The 1999/93/Ec Directive On Electronic Signatures was signed in December 1999 to establish a common framework for electronic signatures. UK: The UK adopted and implemented certain provisions of the EU's electronic commerce directive in the Electronic Communications Act 2000, which makes e-signatures legally admissible in the UK. So if e-signatures have been legal for so long, why aren't they more prevalent in everyday business?
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Released: May 21, 2012
Length: 10 pages
Format: PDF (946 kb)
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