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The Dodd Frank Act: Size Matters

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The actual impact of the Dodd-Frank Legislation has been tempered by the continued delay of many of the implementing regulations, as government agencies tasked with writing the regulations have faced pressure from critics and proponents alike. Critics argue that reform is going too far; proponents argue that it is not going far enough.

Regardless of ideology it is clear that banks across the country will need to prepare for the inevitability of impending change to their normal operations. This means monitoring the status of financial reform, planning for a change in executive staff methodology and implementing appropriate strategies in response to final rules.

Given the far-reaching possibilities of the legislation, financial institutions across the country, both large and small, are required more than ever to remain vigilant to upcoming deadlines. However, in order to meet these new regulatory requirements, will size matter?
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Released: March 19, 2012
Length: 5 pages
Format: PDF (213 kb)
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