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Unlocking the Value in Business Information

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Banking & Capital Markets
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As hopes for a robust return to market growth continue to dim, and as companies increasingly find that cost-cutting alone is no longer enough to protect the bottom line, finance executives are being challenged to do even more with even less. For companies striving to find secure paths to business expansion, growing profitably may mean learning much more about their customer base- both their current customers and the customers they haven't yet acquired. Recent studies conducted by CFO research suggest that finance executives are eager to expand the scope of their business information to include more of the external information that resides outside of their immediate control. Faced with narrowing margins and a persistent buyers' market for goods and services, finance executives are recognizing that access to more and better business information may be the best way to achieve sustained, profitable growth in the post-downturn economy.
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Released: January 18, 2012
Length: 4 pages
Format: PDF (402 kb)
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