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Business Interaction Management: A Result of Business Process Management and Adaptive Case Management

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Most of the companies spend 80% of their IT-budgets in 20% of all of their processes. As a consequence they have less than 20% of the budgets left for the adoption of the missing 80% of the business processes. The tool number one used to overcome this issue is e-mail followed phone, mail, chat. All of these collaboration tools have one thing in common; most of them are for free and business people can use them immediately and can interact with each other without the need of explaining any business engineers what and why they do it. It is obvious that all of these tools lack any structure and control and thus are not manageable at all. Furthermore complexity of interactions and the need for speed have increased dramatically at the business user side. It is common that users have up to 200 e-mails a day, whereby only 10% are useful, thus have a business value.
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Released: December 14, 2012
Length: 6 pages
Format: PDF (482 kb)
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