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CFO's Guide for Extracting More Operating Profit from Call Centers

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No matter how much you have already saved with customer self-service and outsourcing, there is an astonishing amount of operational profit remaining to be tapped from your call center operations. The key to extracting that value is to understand not only the sources of cost and revenue, but the specific sub-drivers of those sources. Every single driver of cost or lost revenue can be significantly reduced by supporting the call center agents with automation. The automation, controlled and directed by the live agent, ensures the call is 100% correct and as efficient as possible. In the way Just-in-Time reduces a host of interrelated manufacturing costs and improves quality, getting the call right with agent-assisted automation drives down costs and increases call center generated revenue.
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Released: December 14, 2012
Length: 10 pages
Format: PDF (424 kb)
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