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Accounting for Change: Finance Technology in the Retail Industry

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Retailers are the ones who bear the brunt of change - whether it's a sudden variation in demand for certain product lines, alterations in tax rates, new technologies, the introduction of environmental legislation, an economic downturn or any number of other possibilities.
But, to help them cope with this relentless pressure, retailers do have two key weapons in their armory: technology and information.
* Technology allows them to improve and automate processes, drive down manual intervention and embed best practice into the business. It can help them reach more customers, service them better and sell more effectively. And it can be used to collect data on their business.
* Information - making sense of the data a retailer generates - gives retailers the clear understanding of their business that can inform decision-making and drive successful behavior.
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Released: November 14, 2011
Length: 16 pages
Format: PDF (448 kb)
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