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Driving Profitability in Turbulent Times with Agile Planning and Forecasting

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In an economic environment in which revenue growth is difficult to predict, finance executives focus even more on managing profitability. In this study, we explore the impact of economic uncertainty on companies' needs for--and ability to produce--accurate forecasts. Senior finance executives from Europe, Asia, and the United States agree that their forecasts are important to their companies' efforts to improve profitability and meet performance targets, and that business unit management needs insight into the true drivers of profitability and performance. Yet nearly half of the survey respondents say that their forecasts fall short of the timely, relevant, and accurate information they need. Respondents cite the need for systems integration and better analytical tools, as well as for working closely with other managers to help them better understand the financial impact of their decisions and improve their forecast inputs. Without this effort, finance executives feel they are left ęgroping in the dark.ę