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The Next Wave of Green IT: IT's role in the future of enterprise sustainability

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Finance & Risk Management

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With constant reminders of climate changes and renewed concerns about the environment, companies are bracing themselves for increased regulatory scrutiny. What are leading companies doing now to pave the way toward a sustainable enterprise? And what do they see on the horizon? Our global survey and interview program among senior finance and IT executives reveals how these teams are collaborating on green IT initiatives to lessen their companiesı environmental impact. In this report, executives discuss their initial sustainable endeavors, from virtualization to the use of technology-driven models to streamline changes to operating processes. They also share the innovative steps theyıre taking now to look broadly at corporate culture and implement systems and processes that discretely measure sustainable efforts. Executives from companies with green IT efforts underway agree: improving environmental performance can lead to better business results and lower risk. Follow the link to learn how.