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The Activist CFO - A report prepared in collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton

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Recent changes in the C-suite and companies’ external environment have thrust the CFO into a new and expanded role in which finance teams are revisiting this issue of alignment. Increasingly, investors have little tolerance for companies that cannot deliver on growth and earnings commitments. Regulators and prosecutors have come down hard on companies in an effort to restore confidence in the transparency of reporting to the capital markets. And as CEOs are challenged by the external market and their boards of directors, they increasingly need a trusted adviser to help develop and execute corporate strategy. Thus CFOs are poised to take on an expanded and increasingly activist role within their companies. As part of this activist role, CFOs are increasingly aligning their function not just with the business but with the company’s overall strategy. And by doing so, they are not just supporting the business with information and analyses, but also ensuring that the entire enterprise delivers on its commitments.