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ACH Fraud Protection
Date:     Thu, Aug 23, 2012
Time:     02:00 P.M. ET
Duration:     1 hour
Cost:    $199.00


Getting money out of your organization's bank account is now easier than ever. Just ask the growing number of fraudsters snatching cash from unsuspecting organizations across the country. Unfortunately, every company is at risk and businesses do not have the same fraud protections as individuals. If you don't report the thefts within 24 hours, you will probably end up eating the losses, which can be substantial. Those who think they're protected because they don't make electronic payments or because they use positive pay are flat out wrong. What's worse, it's not just the big guys who are getting hit. The crooks are also targeting smaller mid-sized companies, municipalities, schools and not-for-profits.

Everyone is at risk. You can protect your company if you take the right steps. Mary Schaeffer, a leading author on accounts payable best practices, explains how ACH fraud occurs and how you can implement safeguards to help protect against it.

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