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The Excel Pivot Tables Webcast Series

Brought to you by CFO Learning

Series Price: $349.00


This three-Webcast training package offers CFO Learning's popular basic-, intermediate- and advanced-level tutorials on Excel's most useful feature -- pivot tables. The three-part course, taught by Microsoft MVP and Certified Trainer Bill "MrExcel" Jelen, will save you 22% off the price of registering for each Webcast individually.

During the first Webcast, Pivot Table Fundamentals for Finance Professionals, which is available on demand, Bill "MrExcel" Jelen reveals essential secrets for getting the most out of pivot tables. From this Webcast, you will learn how to:

  • Use pivot tables to create summary reports in a fraction of the time required using traditional methods;

  • Create your first pivot table by following an easy step-by-step demonstration;

  • Use Field Settings and Report Layout to improve the appearance of the pivot table;

  • Work with calculation options such as Sum, Count, Max, and Min, as well as Calculated Fields or Calculated Items;

  • Take advantage of tricks for using Data Bars and Icon Sets with Pivot Tables;

  • Find and use hidden settings to order the customers with the highest sales at the top;

  • Compare two lists without using VLOOKUP; and

  • Tie a pivot chart to a pivot table.

This Webcast will also walk participants through a case study that demonstrates how to take badly-shaped data and make it suitable for use in a pivot table.

During the second Webcast, Intermediate Excel Pivot Tables for Finance Professionals, which is available on demand, Bill Jelen will provide a brief introduction to pivot tables and he will cover how to:

  • Create a top ten customer list using a pivot table;

  • Add calculations to a pivot table;

  • Fill in the blanks along the outside of a pivot table;

  • Create a dashboard of four pivot charts; and

  • Develop a perfectly-formatted pivot table report.

Bonus: Bill Jelen will also provide a lesson in PowerPivot.
During the third Webcast, Advanced Excel Pivot Tables for Finance Professionals, which is available on demand, Bill Jelen will cover how to:

  • Create, customize and alter how you view pivot tables;

  • Perform calculations with pivot tables;

  • Analyze multiple data sources using pivot tables and PowerPivot;

  • Use filters, including the "slicer" tool, to dynamically filter pivot tables;

  • Enhance pivot tables with macros and VBA (Visual Basic for applications); and

  • Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes with pivot tables.

Although Bill "MrExcel" Jelen uses Excel 2010 to demonstrate tips and tricks during the Webcast, he also always mentions and explains what is different in earlier versions of Excel -- going back to 2003.
This Webcast series no longer offers the opportunity to earn continuing professional education (CPE) credit. We invite you to stay tuned to CFO.com for future Webcasts that will offer attendees opportunities to earn CPE credit.

For inquiries or complaints concerning The Excel Pivot Tables Webcast Series, please call (888) 250-5719.

About the Presenter
    Bill Jelen

    Bill Jelen, MrExcel

    Bill Jelen, the world's foremost spreadsheet wizard, is known internationally as "MrExcel." His Web site, MrExcel.com, is the premier source for Excel tips and solutions.

About CFO Learning
    CFO Learning provides targeted training and education for corporate finance executives and their teams to help these professionals stay ahead of today's evolving business environment. Our training is delivered online, in-person, and in self-study formats and our presenters are leading experts experienced in providing efficient instruction to professionals.