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The Money Story: Seven Deadly Stiflers For CFOs to Avoid

Sponsored by NetSuite

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CFOs today are dealing with more pressure than ever: there's more data to sift through, more visibility into the role, more responsibility for decision making, and more accountability if things go wrong financially. CFOs must be able to dive into the details -- the per unit economics that drive revenue or contribute to loss, as well as the metrics indicating financial viability or instability -- and turn them into the organization's "money story." Each organization's money story is different, but each one drives decisions about how to increase market share and profitability in highly competitive global economy.

Do you know your organization's money story? CFOs who cannot discern their money stories might as well retreat to the back offices of yesteryear -- before they're forced to do so.

During this webcast, Dan Miller, general manager with NetSuite and former three-time CFO, will discuss how finance executives can avoid the seven deadly sins that lead to financial failure. He will share his tips on:

  • Using data to better understand what's really going on in the organization;

  • How to make informed, insightful, and assertive decisions that drive profitable business growth; and

  • The best way to convey decisions to investors, executives, and business units alike.

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