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Beyond Borders: How Senior Finance Executives Are Leading Their Companies to Overseas Opportunities

Sponsored by High Street Partners

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Is your company looking to launch operations overseas? As a groundbreaking study from CFO Research reveals, companies can't assume that establishing a global presence automatically translates to lowering costs or attracting new customers. Making the most of overseas opportunities requires much more.

During this Webcast, you will hear:

  • Findings from CFO Research that outline practices senior finance leaders should adopt -- and scenarios they should avoid -- to enable their companies to thrive internationally;

  • Why the success of a global expansion depends on your local understanding of the cultures -- and not only the markets -- in which your company operates; and

  • Case studies that illustrate how companies can choose the right partnership models -- ranging from joint ventures to acquisitions -- to establish a sustainable environment in which an overseas workforce and overseas customers can come together to do business.

Your guides through the research findings and case studies are David Owens, director of research with CFO Research, and Larry Harding, president and founder of the international business software and services firm High Street Partners.

Whether you are expanding internationally for the first time, or you are determining new locations for your business, this Webcast offers unique and often surprising insights into what it takes to capitalize on growth opportunities overseas.

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