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The CFO Playbook on M&A: Don't Kill a Small Company by Acquiring It

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About CFO Playbook
CFO Playbook is a series of educational Best Practice Webcasts, eBooks, and events providing you with practical knowledge and insights from your peers.

Buying a small, privately-held company is often a messy proposition; such a target often doesn't fit the valuation or merger integration templates that M&A teams have at the ready.

For one, valuing such a business requires lots of quantitative and qualitative judgment, because the target's financial data may be incomplete and the company's growth and performance milestones unrealistic.

Second, retaining talent and customers, and avoiding the tendency to fiddle with successful management, is crucial to realizing the vision of the merged entities.

Third, the buyer must have the wisdom to refrain from imposing on the small, entrepreneurial firm the processes, overhead, and technology more suited to a large company.

From this Webcast, you will learn how to achieve the potential that a merger with or acquisition of a small company represents -- and how to prevent embarrassing write-offs and the risk of losing a significant growth opportunity.

The panelists for this Webcast are:

  • Michael Nall, Founder, Alliance of M&A Advisors

  • Brad Buss, CFO, Cypress Semiconductor

About the Moderator
Vincent Ryan, Deputy Editor with CFO.com, devotes much of his editorial coverage to banking and capital markets. He has 22 years of experience reporting and writing on corporate finance, banking, and information technology for publications such as PC/Computing, Upside, and Telephony, where he won a feature-writing award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors. Prior to joining CFO in 2007, he was managing editor at Royal Media Group, where he launched newsletters and conferences targeted to financial services executives. Ryan is a member of Alpha Sigma Nu, the national honor society of Jesuit colleges and universities.