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What Finance Leaders Need to Know About Strategies to Build a Successful Recurring-Revenue Business

Sponsored by Aria Systems

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Is a recurring-revenue model right for your company?

The subscription strategy has proven successful in industries as diverse as cloud computing and streaming digital media. Could your business sustain such a model -- without incurring unsustainable operational costs?

During this Webcast, pricing expert Jim Geisman will reveal what finance leaders need to know to transform a product, launch a new service or enter a new market as part of the subscription economy.

You will learn how to increase top-line revenue by:

  • Identifying which existing products and services are the best fit for a recurring-revenue model;

  • Establishing a structured approach to pricing that factors in, among other criteria, the best duration for any subscription, volume discounts for multiple subscriptions, and what kind of customer churn rate to expect; and

  • Devising short-term and longer-term goals -- and corresponding plans -- for generating recurring revenue.

About the Presenters

    Jim Geisman, Founder and Principal, Software Pricing Partners

    Jim Geisman is founder and principal of Software Pricing Partners, which helps software companies in the U.S. and internationally increase or accelerate revenue by improving their pricing models. More recently, Software Pricing Partners has been helping a number of companies transition to an on-demand (SaaS) pricing model. The firm has also helped clients price, structure and negotiate large transactions. Jim sits on the board of the Professional Pricing Society and is a Certified Pricing Professional. He holds electrical engineering and business degrees from Tufts University and Harvard, respectively.

    Jon Gettinger, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Aria Systems

    Jon Gettinger has more than twenty years of experience working in the software industry, including more than a decade in executive roles. He has been involved with the SaaS business since the very beginning; in 1998, he founded a company that delivered SaaS testing solutions for Web businesses. Most recently, he was the head of marketing at Fortify Software prior to its acquisition by Hewlett-Packard.

    Jim Geisman

    Founder and Principal
    Software Pricing Partners

    Jon Gettinger

    Senior Vice President, Marketing
    Aria Systems

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