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Excel: Making the Switch to Excel 2013

Brought to you by CFO Learning

Date: Available Now
Time: Available Now
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Cost: Online $149.00

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Stay ahead of the curve and learn which changes to Microsoft Excel will be most useful to finance executives. Join Bill "MrExcel" Jelen as he guides Webcast participants through the new and improved Excel 2013. From updates to help rookie Excel users work more efficiently, to new business intelligence tools for the intermediate and advanced user, and beyond, Excel 2013 has something for all levels of users.

During this Webcast, developed for intermediate users, Bill will walk participants through the best features in Excel 2013 Pro Plus, including:

  • How Flash Fill and Quick Analysis can make short work of annoying data clean-up tasks;

  • Synchronizing settings between computers;

  • Pivot table improvements, including the timeline slicer;

  • Creating relationships between worksheets instead of using VLOOKUP;

  • New charting workflows as well as a new look and feel to charts -- including an easier way to create combo charts and extract data labels from calculated cells;

  • Easier use of dual monitors;

  • The best of the 50 new calculation functions;

  • The ability to use Slicer filters on regular data, and not just on pivot tables;

  • Low-cost Excel apps; and

  • Full coverage of the three add-ins that come with Excel 2013 Pro Plus: PowerPivot, Power View for dashboards, and Inquire for spreadsheet comparisons.

This Webcast does not currently offer the opportunity to earn continuing professional education (CPE) credit. We invite you to stay tuned to CFO.com for future Webcasts that will offer attendees opportunities to earn CPE credit.

For inquiries or complaints concerning this Webcast, please call (888) 250-5719.

About the Presenter
    Bill Jelen

    Bill Jelen, MrExcel

    Bill Jelen, the world's foremost spreadsheet wizard, is known internationally as "MrExcel." His Web site, MrExcel.com, is the premier source for Excel tips and solutions.

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    CFO Learning provides targeted training and education for corporate finance executives and their teams to help these professionals stay ahead of today's evolving business environment. Our training is delivered online, in-person, and in self-study formats and our presenters are leading experts experienced in providing efficient instruction to professionals.