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CFO Playbook on Forecasting: How CFOs Can See Into the Future

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Date: Available Now
Time: Available Now
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Online $99.00

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About CFO Playbook
CFO Playbook is a series of educational Best Practice Webcasts, eBooks, and events providing you with practical knowledge and insights from your peers.

Once merely a supporting analytical tool, forecasting is now a critical means to companies' overall growth plans. Companies have come to rely on their forecasts as working documents throughout the year, while updating them on a daily basis. In turn, the kinds of forecasts businesses now employ have multiplied, including cash-flow forecasts, dynamic forecasts, financial forecasts, production forecasts, revenue forecasts, rolling forecasts, sales forecasts, soft forecasts, static forecasts, and all manner of other means of data-driven crystal-ball gazing.

During this editorial Webcast, Kathleen Hoffelder, Senior Accounting and Tax Editor with CFO.com and CFO magazine, will delve into why forecasting today is so valuable and what you need to consider before constructing a predictive program.

This Webcast will cover:

  • Why your forecast can be even more valuable than your budget;

  • The questions you need to ask to make your forecasting process better;

  • How CFOs can use forecasting to inform their decisions; and

  • How to sort through variables to focus on forecasting based on what really matters for your business.

The panelists for this Webcast are:

  • Akira Hirai, Managing Director, Cayenne Consulting

  • James Sagner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Bridgeport and University of North Carolina

About the Moderator
Kathleen Hoffelder, Senior Editor, Accounting and Tax, CFO.com and CFO magazine

Kathleen covers accounting and tax issues for CFO.com and CFO magazine. She has more than 20 years of financial writing experience ranging from regulatory, accounting, and bank coverage to derivatives and the capital markets.

Prior to joining CFO, Hoffelder was assistant editor at Thomson Reuters' International Financing Review, held editor, deputy editor and senior editor positions at various newsletters and at the Financial Times's dealReporter, was a chief swaps analyst/editor for a screen-based analytical service, and worked at the American Stock Exchange. She holds a master's degree in economics from New York University and received a bachelor's degree in communications from Boston University.