IT Value

Reining In the Spend

E-procurement solutions can help growing companies put an end to wasteful purchases and inefficient processes.

Six Questions about the Cloud

What finance executives should ask about cloud computing.

Five Best Practices for IT Governance

In order to know where the money goes, and to improve IT ROI, CFOs need more than committees and meetings. They need to get those committees to execute. Here's how.

What You Need to Know About Patent Trolls

The Apple-Samsung courtroom clash is a magnified version of the intellectual-property battles currently roiling smaller companies in the tech space.

HP Finance Chief Faces Bulging Inventory

The iconic technology firm posted its worst quarterly loss in its 65-year history. Is it too late to right the ship?

Learning the Language of IT

If your board considers IT important (and it does), CFOs need to learn the language of IT or risk being left out of the conversation about the future of business.

C-Suite Slipping on Information Security, Study Finds

As mobile computing and bring-your-own-device policies boost the risk and potential costs of data hacks, a new survey finds that too many senior executives are lax on information security.

You and Your CIO

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CFOs Will Determine the Future of CIOs

Now's the time for CFOs to decide how their CIOs can best help their businesses and to begin looking for the right people to play the part.

Managing IT

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Jobs, Reconsidered


Mamas, don't let your children grow up to be Steve Jobs. His leadership style produced misery as well as value. It didn't have to be that way.


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Accounts Payable at a Crossroads

In this research report, sponsored by MasterCard, CFO Research found that …

B2B cloud integration: A strategic approach to optimizing your value chain

The future of business-to-business (B2B) integration is in the cloud. As …

Top Five Workforce Factors Driving Customer Satisfaction

Most executives consider customer satisfaction a critical metric, but often lack …