Reining In the Spend

E-procurement solutions can help growing companies put an end to wasteful purchases and inefficient processes.

Six Questions about the Cloud

What finance executives should ask about cloud computing.

How to Spend Too Much for Stuff You Don–t Need

Oh, you–re doing that already? And you–re wasting time managing accounts payable every day, tracking down approvals for purchases you don–t understand? Here–s how small companies can tackle purchasing inefficiencies.

LinkedIn Aims to Diversify New Mobile Revenue Stream

Most social-media companies are struggling to monetize mobile (read Facebook), but LinkedIn may have an edge.

A Refreshing Change

How to hold on to your updates when you correct a pivot table.

Digging Out from Big Data

Unstructured data is piling up in corporate computers, making compliance and other tasks far more difficult.

EDI for the Small Business Masses

With electronic billing and invoicing, companies can loosen those paper shackles and gain the time to do more business.

You and Your CIO

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CFOs Will Determine the Future of CIOs

Now's the time for CFOs to decide how their CIOs can best help their businesses and to begin looking for the right people to play the part.

Managing IT

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Jobs, Reconsidered


Mamas, don't let your children grow up to be Steve Jobs. His leadership style produced misery as well as value. It didn't have to be that way.


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Accounts Payable at a Crossroads

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