An Average Solution

How to create a prediction of sales in Excel using a moving average and a trend line.

Capturing All the Data

Readers comment on coming to terms with Big Data and other recent stories from CFO and

Reining In the Spend

E-procurement solutions can help growing companies put an end to wasteful purchases and inefficient processes.

Six Questions about the Cloud

What finance executives should ask about cloud computing.

Should CFOs Be Interested in Pinterest?

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the third-most-popular social-networking site in the United States doesn't charge businesses a dime to adertise their goods and services on its Pinboards. What's the catch? A lack of useful metrics.

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David Rosenbaum

The Economy

And Now for Something Really Old

For the good old daily newspaper, there's been no economic recovery. The news about the news keeps getting worse. Can anyone figure out a way to save the industry? Does anyone care to?

You and Your CIO

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CFOs Will Determine the Future of CIOs

Now's the time for CFOs to decide how their CIOs can best help their businesses and to begin looking for the right people to play the part.

Managing IT

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Jobs, Reconsidered


Mamas, don't let your children grow up to be Steve Jobs. His leadership style produced misery as well as value. It didn't have to be that way.