Freed from the Budget

Many companies see budgeting as a time-consuming exercise of limited value. Some are resorting to a radical fix: getting rid of the budget.

Five Best Practices for IT Governance

In order to know where the money goes, and to improve IT ROI, CFOs need more than committees and meetings. They need to get those committees to execute. Here's how.

Reputational Risk Still a Top Concern for Boards

Boards are taking the peril of the loss of their companies– good names more seriously and are ready to beef up staff to help CFOs.

Defensive Maneuvers

Defense contractor Exelis is ready to adjust to an era of reduced Pentagon spending, says CFO Peter Milligan.

EVA Momentum Rankings

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Profitable Growth

Read about the metric that measures the change in corporate profits scaled to a company's size. Then peruse our ranking lists to find out which companies top the list, and which ones sit at the bottom.


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Advocating for a Responsible Approach to Tax Planning and Management

Tax policies and planning are just one component---but an important one---in …

Accounts Payable at a Crossroads

In this research report, sponsored by MasterCard, CFO Research found that …

B2B cloud integration: A strategic approach to optimizing your value chain

The future of business-to-business (B2B) integration is in the cloud. As …