Global Business

Budget Busters

It takes a lot of hard work to dismantle the budgeting process.

Business Is Sweet

Godiva Chocolatier is enjoying double-digit growth, thanks in part to innovative chocolates and expansion in Asia, says CFO Dave Marberger.

Looking for Growth in All the Same Places

With so many economies pinning their growth prospects to emerging markets, the race for resources – human and otherwise – is certain to intensify.

Why U.S. Risk Managers Should Take a Hint from the Rest of the World

Let's face it: the ISO enterprise risk management framework used by most companies outside the United States is edging out the U.S.-favoredd COSO framework. Is there any point in clinging to the latter?

When Your Banker Tells You Goodbye

European banks have offloaded more than billions of euros worth of unwanted loans since 2010. Where does that leave the corporate borrower?

Corporate Websites: Easy Prey for Cyber Crime

Among the worst offenders? Banks and Swiss companies.

To Find Skilled Workers, Go Global

Educational efforts in emerging markets are creating a glut of talent.

EVA Momentum Rankings

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Profitable Growth

Read about the metric that measures the change in corporate profits scaled to a company's size. Then peruse our ranking lists to find out which companies top the list, and which ones sit at the bottom.


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Accounts Payable at a Crossroads

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