Private Company Sales Growth Slows, Hits Annual Low

But profitability continues to rise, data shows, indicating companies controlling spending.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Working capital is piling up at America's largest companies.

Plenty of Ammo Left in Buyback Plans

U.S. firms have repurchased more than one-third the dollar amount of shares that their buyback programs allow.

Chasing Venus: Why CFOs Should Care about People Metrics

Finance chiefs and human resources will have to collaborate more effectively if the new effort to standardize human-capital metrics reporting is to create maximum benefit.

Plenty of Ammo Left in Buyback Plans

Will the downward trend in equity markets cause companies to speed up the execution of their share-repurchase programs?

Unusual Suspects Show Up in Profit Ranking

The winners in CFO's full-year EVA Momentum ranking include Apple – of course – but also Weight Watchers, Priceline, and Midas.

Why Isn't the Stock Market Higher?

What companies can do to help their share prices catch up with the surge in corporate net income.


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