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First in a series of eight briefs on companies using technology to further strategic initiatives
Sponsored by KPMG
June 17, 2013
This research brief---the first in a series of eight, prepared in collaboration with KPMG---summarizes a research program conducted to find out how CFOs at large companies are planning to use technology to further their strategic initiatives over … more »
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CFOs Dissect Their Companies' Spending and Return on IT
Sponsored by AlixPartners
March 11, 2013
How successfully are companies investing in information technology? A recent CFO Research survey of 153 senior finance executives based in North America suggests that companies often struggle to make the right investments in IT, spending too much on … more »
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Sponsored by SAP
December 05, 2012
Corporate finance executives are ready for cloud services from their banks, according to the early results of a forthcoming study by CFO Research and SAP. So why aren't banks providing those services? While corporate treasuries seek to improve their … more »
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Systems-Related Challenges (and How Companies Address Them)
Sponsored by Workday
October 24, 2012
Finance executives are in a race with their financial-management systems, working to keep pace with system upgrades and performance improvements. What they're ultimately after, they say, are systems that can adapt speedily to changing priorities and … more »
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Correlating Quantitative Reports with Qualitative Analysis
Sponsored by IBM
August 03, 2012
The numbers don't always tell the whole story. How much effort goes into producing the narrative elements and qualitative analysis that add insight to financial reporting? And how much value does your company get out of its efforts to bring data … more »
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A Survey of Senior Finance Executives
Sponsored by Google
July 20, 2012
What does the "cloud crowd" know that you don't? Cloud computing holds the promise to transform the traditional model for IT delivery, reducing costs while also improving employee productivity and IT performance. But is cloud actually living up to … more »
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Starting---and Sustaining---The Conversation on Technology Value
Sponsored by Cisco
March 22, 2012
How closely aligned are CFOs and CIOs on the ways in which technology can support and generate value for a company's business strategy? This report explores the key areas where CIOs and CFOs agree and, more importantly, where they diverge on issues … more »
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Sponsored by HP
November 30, 2011
Efficiency, flexibility, visibility, speed. The promises of cloud computing are many, but after all is said and done, will they actually materialize? Or disperse like vapor? In this, our second report on the corporate finance function's changing … more »
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Using Technology to Drive Value for the Business
Sponsored by HP
November 15, 2011
This report is the first of two resulting from our research into the ways in which the corporate finance function is evolving in its management of IT functionality to drive business growth. This report discusses the types of challenges finance … more »
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Engaging the business for better results
Sponsored by SAP
October 04, 2011
As one interviewee told us, accelerating the "speed of intelligence" is now the fundamental challenge for the finance function. Confronting a stubbornly volatile global economy, finance leaders at many major corporations have been driven to rethink … more »
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Financial Analytic Capabilities for Changing Times
Sponsored by Teradata
May 09, 2011
In planning for renewed growth in 2011, finance executives will need the analytics that help them tie operations data to financial results. However, our survey reveals that finance executives still see gaps between their uses of financial data and … more »
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Sponsored by Cognos and IBM
March 21, 2011
The recession caused midsize companies to intensify their focus on cash, profitability, processes, and risk. As economies start to recover, finance executives at many of these companies are now shifting attention from strict cost control to active … more »
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Sponsored by Lawson
December 16, 2010
As companies enter growth mode, finance executives could find themselves having to meet the demands for growth without the technology they need to serve as valuable strategic advisers. We asked senior finance executives for their views on the role … more »
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Sponsored by Sun Microsystems
December 10, 2009
Even in good times, making the business case for IT spending is difficult. Why? One simple problem: the cost of IT is easy to quantify, but its benefits are not. This problem has only become more acute today, as companies work through months of deep … more »
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Sponsored by Micro Focus
September 22, 2009
In response to the global recession, many companies have trimmed IT budgets, reduced IT staff, and reevaluated IT investments in order to maintain profitability. This research program shows, however, that companies' fundamental commitment to IT as … more »
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