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Financial Crisis

Sponsored by SAP
June 01, 2011
In this follow-up study to 2007's The Superstar CFO, underwritten by SAP, CFO Research Services explores companies' ongoing efforts to transform the corporate finance function into a true value-added partner to the business. During the … more »
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Sponsored by EIU and Oracle
April 18, 2011
Recovering from a global financial crisis and facing an environment of increased uncertainty and greater regulation, financial institutions are re-examining the way their finance functions understand and use risk considerations and information. This … more »
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Sponsored by PrimeRevenue
December 08, 2010
We surveyed product-oriented U.S. companies to better understand how senior finance executives view supply chain finance as a component of their companies' efforts to optimize working capital and reduce supply chain risk. In particular, we were … more »
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Sponsored by The Royal Bank of Scotland
December 01, 2010
Following on a parallel European survey, this research highlights the concerns and plans of U.S. finance executives for managing working capital and operations in a post-recession world. Respondents say they are taking much more conservative … more »
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Sponsored by The Royal Bank of Scotland
September 29, 2010
Finance executives at European firms express concern over their companies' ability to respond to the challenges of a post-recession world, especially ongoing weakness in sales, competition for both credit and capital, varied rates of recovery in … more »
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Sponsored by American Express
May 12, 2009
In the second annual Global Business & Spending Monitor research program, we survey senior finance executives around the world on their changing priorities amid economic distress. Survey results reveal that companies are changing and adapting their … more »
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Senior executives on governance, uncertainty, and performance amid a global banking crisis
Sponsored by Ernst & Young
January 13, 2009
A Report Prepared in collaboration with Ernst and Young

What actions are banks around the world taking to recover from the current financial turmoil? CFO Research Services interviewed senior finance and risk executives at global financial … more »
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Sponsored by American Express
December 02, 2008
What actions are senior finance executives taking to ensure adequate capitalization to support their companies' growth over the next year? We queried senior finance executives at mid-size companies on their strategies for cash management in these … more »
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Sponsored by Towers Perrin
November 18, 2008
Just before the U.S. financial crisis began to pick up steam in late September, CFO Research fielded a survey to finance executives to gauge their thoughts on the financial turmoil. Our respondents were prescient about the global dimensions of the … more »
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