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CFO Strategies for Optimizing Working Capital and Capital Investment
September 15, 2016
To gain a better understanding of how CFOs think about working capital, as well as what actions they are taking to support their companies? capital needs, CFO Research recently surveyed more than 200 U.S.-based senior finance executives. This study, … more »
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Pulling Together Towards Profitability
Sponsored by Vendavo
December 15, 2015
In a research project sponsored by Vendavo, CFO Research explored the question of where companies can turn to gain the next few points of profit improvement in a difficult business environment. The resulting insights revealed an expanding role for … more »
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Turning Third-Party Spend Into Income
Sponsored by Oxygen Finance
May 09, 2013
For companies eagerly seeking out growth in a recovering economy, sophisticated cash management---getting the best return on your company's liquidity---will be key. But many companies overlook what may well be the largest untapped asset around: … more »
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Why CFOs at Midsize Companies Rely on Retained Earnings to Finance Growth
Sponsored by American Express
January 29, 2013
In this article based on CFO Research's annual survey among CFOs of midsize firms, read about why finance leaders at midsize companies are counting on using cash from ongoing operations to fund company growth, and learn the techniques that these … more »
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Sponsored by American Express
July 17, 2012
Financial discipline isn't just a crucial skill. It's a valuable tool. That's what midsize companies are discovering as they emerge from the recession-wracked economy and begin scouting for new opportunities. The same rigor they applied to … more »
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Sponsored by The Royal Bank of Scotland
December 15, 2010
In this research--conducted in conjunction with similar surveys in Europe and the United States--finance executives in the Asia-Pacific region reveal that they are especially concerned with maintaining liquidity in the aftermath of recession, and … more »
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Sponsored by PrimeRevenue
December 08, 2010
We surveyed product-oriented U.S. companies to better understand how senior finance executives view supply chain finance as a component of their companies' efforts to optimize working capital and reduce supply chain risk. In particular, we were … more »
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Sponsored by The Royal Bank of Scotland
December 01, 2010
Following on a parallel European survey, this research highlights the concerns and plans of U.S. finance executives for managing working capital and operations in a post-recession world. Respondents say they are taking much more conservative … more »
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Sponsored by The Royal Bank of Scotland
September 29, 2010
Finance executives at European firms express concern over their companies' ability to respond to the challenges of a post-recession world, especially ongoing weakness in sales, competition for both credit and capital, varied rates of recovery in … more »
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Sponsored by 170 Systems
July 28, 2009
CFOs and their teams are pursuing working capital management improvements to free cash on their balance sheets and demonstrate disciplined management, rigorous processes, and company health to investors, creditors, and other stakeholders. Our … more »
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Through a survey and interview program, we sought to understand the relative importance of working capital management, the barriers companies face when they try to improve working capital management, and the steps they take to do so.
January 03, 2008
In June 2004, CFO Research Services (a unit of CFO Publishing Corp.) launched a research program to explore working capital management among midsize and large U.S. companies. Through a survey and interview program, we sought to understand the … more »
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