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Finance Executives Seek a Balance Between Public Perception and Shareholder Value
Sponsored by KPMG
February 27, 2015
Tax policies and planning are just one component---but an important one---in a corporation's financial and growth strategy. Recent media coverage of the tax strategies of some high-profile companies has drawn attention to its importance. This … more »
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A report prepared by CFO Research in collaboration with Vertex Inc.
Sponsored by Vertex Inc.
April 30, 2014
Finance executives at large U.S. companies agree that they can help their companies maximize the value of business decisions, and therefore, financial performance, by incorporating tax considerations more effectively into their day-to-day … more »
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How Senior Finance Executives Are Staying Ahead of Sweeping Regulatory Shifts
Sponsored by ADP
September 06, 2013
In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, it's critically important---and ever more challenging---for finance executives to help establish a "culture of compliance" at their companies. In a survey of 150 senior finance executives at U.S. … more »
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Finance and Tax Executives on Tax Management in a Challenging Recovery
Sponsored by Bloomberg BNA
March 19, 2012
This study explores five major corporate-tax pressure points, with particular attention to the ways that finance and tax executives experience those pressures differently.
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Promoting productivity under aggressive enforcement and regulatory scrutiny: Making a business case for tax technology investment
Sponsored by Longview Solutions
November 08, 2010
The results of this recent survey among tax directors in the United States, Canada, and Europe confirm that tax departments on both sides of the Atlantic have responded to the downturn's "do more with less" mandate by postponing improvement … more »
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Why has tax figured so prominently as a source for material weaknesses?
January 03, 2008
In the spring of 2006, CFO Research Services launched a study of the tax function?s priorities and challenges. Our task? To learn how tax is meeting the challenges posed by an increasingly complex, competitive, regulated, and risky business climate.
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Do companies see section 965 simply as a tactic for bringing home profits at low tax cost? Is section 965 an opportunity to recast a company’s footprint overseas?
January 03, 2008
In July 2005, a group of leading finance executives, tax practitioners, and editorial staff from CFO Research Services gathered in New York to discuss the repatriation provisions contained in the new section 965 of the Internal Revenue Code. The … more »
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Sponsored By CFO Research Services
November 01, 2007
What steps are companies taking to align the tax function with broader enterprise objectives? While over 200 senior finance and tax executives who took our survey reveal a desire for tax to collaborate more effectively with other functions, … more »
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