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The Divergent Paths of Middle-Market and Large Companies
Sponsored by TD Bank
February 01, 2017
Their ambitions may sound similar, but finance executives at the helm of middle-market companies and their counterparts at large businesses must guide their companies on strategically distinct routes to hoist them to the next level. The path to … more »
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CFO Strategies for Optimizing Working Capital and Capital Investment
October 21, 2016
This is hardly the time for the CFO of a big company to grow it alone. Such is the mindset among large-company CFOs, as they assess their strategic options for company growth in a freshly resurgent economy. In a survey, conducted by CFO Research in … more »
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CFO Strategies for Optimizing Working Capital and Working Capital Investments
October 07, 2016
As economic growth gathers momentum, middle-market CFOs are shrewdly arming their businesses to seize market share, making ambitious plans to enlist employees and training them to serve new customers. Underwriting such expansive goals first requires … more »
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CFO Strategies for Optimizing Working Capital and Capital Investment
September 15, 2016
To gain a better understanding of how CFOs think about working capital, as well as what actions they are taking to support their companies? capital needs, CFO Research recently surveyed more than 200 U.S.-based senior finance executives. This study, … more »
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The Value of Instant Insights in a Fast-Paced Digital Economy
Sponsored by SAP
June 15, 2016
In a global survey sponsored by SAP, CFO Research asked finance executives at large companies how well they thought their financial planning and analysis (FP&A) systems and processes supported rapid decision making. This report explores ways in … more »
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Pulling Together Towards Profitability
Sponsored by Vendavo
December 15, 2015
In a research project sponsored by Vendavo, CFO Research explored the question of where companies can turn to gain the next few points of profit improvement in a difficult business environment. The resulting insights revealed an expanding role for … more »
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A report prepared in collaboration with CIT
Sponsored by CIT
November 02, 2015
Operating leases are important components of operational and financing strategies for many small and mid-sized businesses. The new accounting standard proposed by FASB requires showing operating leases on the balance sheet, for the first time. CFO … more »
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New Cash Management Challenges in an Increasingly Complex Business Environment
Sponsored by SAP
August 04, 2015
In a global survey of finance and treasury executives at large companies, CFO Research examined the role of cash management---in particular, cash reporting and cash forecasting---in the effort to support business growth and gain a competitive edge. … more »
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Finance Executives Seek a Balance Between Public Perception and Shareholder Value
Sponsored by KPMG
February 27, 2015
Tax policies and planning are just one component---but an important one---in a corporation's financial and growth strategy. Recent media coverage of the tax strategies of some high-profile companies has drawn attention to its importance. This … more »
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The Next Phase for Business-to-Business Payments
Sponsored by MasterCard
June 13, 2014
In this research report, sponsored by MasterCard, CFO Research found that many companies are expecting to make the shift from paper checks and invoices into electronic transactions. As they evaluate the next generation of business-to-business … more »
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A report prepared by CFO Research in collaboration with Vertex Inc.
Sponsored by Vertex Inc.
April 30, 2014
Finance executives at large U.S. companies agree that they can help their companies maximize the value of business decisions, and therefore, financial performance, by incorporating tax considerations more effectively into their day-to-day … more »
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A research briefing prepared by CFO Research in collaboration with American Express
Sponsored by American Express
October 22, 2013
Loosening their focus on cost-cutting, senior finance executives are now tightening their grip on pricing strategy. In the past, companies set their prices based on either their own costs or on what their competitors charged. But in a marketplace … more »
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How Senior Finance Executives Are Staying Ahead of Sweeping Regulatory Shifts
Sponsored by ADP
September 06, 2013
In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, it's critically important---and ever more challenging---for finance executives to help establish a "culture of compliance" at their companies. In a survey of 150 senior finance executives at U.S. … more »
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Turning Third-Party Spend Into Income
Sponsored by Oxygen Finance
May 09, 2013
For companies eagerly seeking out growth in a recovering economy, sophisticated cash management---getting the best return on your company's liquidity---will be key. But many companies overlook what may well be the largest untapped asset around: … more »
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A report prepared by CFO Research in collaboration with Oxygen Finance
Sponsored by Oxygen Finance
April 04, 2013
Public sector organizations are feeling the financial squeeze---and that grip doesn't look likely to loosen anytime soon. With their budgets plunging even as the demand for their services soars, these agencies are struggling to maintain the quality … more »
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