CFO Lands "Most Valuable Podium" Top 10 Rank in Burson-Marsteller Study As GE, Pepsi, & McGraw Hill Finance Execs Highlight Recent CPM Event
CFO Research Services
February 21, 2006

The CEOs and CFOs running America’s biggest companies are clear on what shareholders want them to do: deliver a competitive return on investment. The “how to” part of their mission is captured in a phrase that’s now gaining currency in executive suites: Corporate Performance Management (CPM). It refers to the successful coordination and use of processes, metrics, IT systems, and intelligence gathering to help senior managers drive for profitable growth at an appropriate level of risk. With CPM emerging as a leading competitive differentiator in companies across the U.S., CFO magazine’s Conferences Group has announced it will expand its CPM line-up for 2006.

“We’ve watched closely how smart management teams have used the CPM framework to galvanize their organizations and focus relentlessly on shareholder value. CPM, executed properly, is becoming indispensable in the slug-fest that is today’s global economy,” says Mary Driscoll, president of CFO magazine’s Conferences Group. “This has special relevance to CFOs because finance groups are uniquely positioned to gather information on how well the company is executing its business strategy, how well the strategy is working, and what changes are needed to influence future performance.”

Accordingly, CFO will offer two additional CPM events in 2006: Chicago June 4-6 and Atlanta November 4-7. For more information on executive-level speaking opportunities, go to

Ms. Driscoll says CFO Conferences’ long-term commitment to CPM as a C-suite tool kit was instrumental to its listing as one of the Top 10 Most Valued Podiums for C-Suite executives in a recent Burson-Marsteller survey.

“We caught the wave early on and we’re now positioned to ride succeeding waves as we attract world-class speakers for our events,” she notes. “We’re determined to stay in the forefront of the management trends that will make or break a business in the face of endless new challenges, from Ireland to India.”

At CFO’s recent CPM conference in New York January 31-February 1, close to 200 senior finance executives and CFOs from major global companies gathered to hear their peers at some of America’s most successful and innovative corporations describe their best practices in metrics-based management.

Highlights of CFO magazine’s CPM conference included presentations by finance leaders at General Electric, Pepsi, and McGraw-Hill.

Randy Byrn
CFO Magazine Conferences Group

Alexandra Ballantine
Ballantine + Co. PR Group