First Roundtable from Financial Authorities and AICPA , “Investing in the Right Technology”
Thursday, October 17th will launch the four part series for CPE credit addressing critical issues for finance executives | US
October 17, 2002

New York City, NY-October 16, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) will be offering the first CFO Quarterly Roundtable this Thursday, October 17th at 1 PM ET. This is the first in a series of four CFO Roundtables that deliver a no-holds-barred forum exploring issues most critical to corporate finance executives. From cash management and compensation, to off balance sheet financing, to budgeting and forecasting, and more, our panelists will engage in candid debates and discussions about the ideas, strategies, practices, technologies, and methodologies that impact the CFO’s job function today.

More Specific Information Regarding October 17th Roundtable This two-hour-webcast is headlinedNeed to Know Tech: Investing in the Right Technology. Expert panelists Don Janezic, CFO of Bigelow Tea, and David Andrews of Andrews Consulting, author of Revolutionizing IT: The Art of Using Technology Effectively, will participate in the panel discussion led by Senior Editor at Marie Leone.

Among the topics covered will be how new technologies will alter the dynamics of supply and demand and how XBRL, grid computing and the second generation for the Internet will change the way finance departs collect, file and disseminate information to investors, regulators, analysts and employees.

John Goff, Editor of, notes, “According to futurist James Canton, half of the products sold in the next five years haven’t been invented yet.” As the #2 line item on most companies’ balance sheets, the cost of technology has become a growing concern for CFOs and general management…the idea is not to halt procurement, but rather to procure the right technologies that both generate ROI and pass the sniff test in terms of being around in five years.”

John Morrow, AICPA Vice President of New Finance, adds “Never before has there been such a tremendous need for cost-effective decisions concerning the adoption of new technologies. Here is your opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.”

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