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FAQ about the CFO Blog

What is "Commentary and Opinion"?
This weblog, or "blog" as they're often called, is an online forum for the free and ongoing exchange of ideas that concern finance executives.

Who writes the posts?
The posts on the CFO Blog are written by editors and writers for CFO magazine and, and by a small group of readers with whom we have a longstanding relationship.

Who decides what posts are published?
Not every post may be appropriate for the CFO Blog. The moderator, has the final say; he also reserves the right to remove inappropriate posts and to edit posts.

How can I share my thoughts on Commentary and Opinion?
For the time being, other than our own writers and editors, only a small group of readers with whom we have a longstanding relationship are able to post directly on the CFO Blog. you can also contact individual posters by clicking on the name at the end of each post.

Whose opinions are represented on "Commentary and Opinion"?
The opinions offered within each post are those of the individual poster and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of CFO magazine,, or the CFO Publishing Corp.

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