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Cheney Blamed CFO for Halliburton Impropriety

In sworn testimony to the SEC in 2004, the vice president said he had no "specific recollection" of discussing accounting that led to charges.

Stephen Taub, | US
October 3, 2007

Cheney and Haliburton

Of course he "can't recall." Once he is out of office it would be refreshing to see how much others recall when he doesn't have the protection of his office and GW.

Posted by William Braun | October 04, 2007 12:41 pm

circumstantial evidence

In matters of corporate goverence is it not feasable for our public media to provide an examination of the circumstantial evidence. To this point does it seem reasonable that a major project and it related effect to the company would be discussed? Is it not reasonable that methods of containment and reporting the loss would be discussed among key person? The good thing about SarbOx is that by law the principal of the company can no longer respond to thier fiscal responsibiltiy "I do not recall..."

Posted by Milton Bulloch | October 04, 2007 11:22 am

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