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John Edwards, | US
August 2, 2007

Some Problems

I've been using OpenOffice from the time it was owned by StarDivision. With the sale to Sun, there was a short term stepback but since it has surged ahead. The biggest issue with the spreadsheet is not it but Excel that has allowed non-standard formula formats to be recognized as so many persons have poor formula creation training. OpenOffice requires changes when an Excel spreadsheet has these. A few years ago I converted some 1500 templates and converted to OpenOffice and only a few required this attention as I am pretty structured. However, 1 in 2 Excel spreadsheets I receive from clients have this problem and I have to ask them to correct and resend. The learning curve is not a problem and OO is actually easier to master. If using both, as I do, then there can be a bot of confusion from time to time. The only other problem is that some applications call up MS Office and there is no way to change the callup to another program. I have a few specialized business programs that do this and the companies will not program the option and there is no real alternative for me so I have both on my business machine but the default for usage is OO.

Posted by Brian Levy | September 03, 2007 07:29 pm

Calc and others...

Am a user of Calc, and found the software to be friendly. The uniqueness of softwares like Calc is that it brings in the advantages of IT to a large number of people around the globe, who otherwise would have found it difficult to afford the high licence fees for office softwares. Here are some more global good endeavors related to the field of IT/ softwares: 1. - An email/ blog service provider who donates 55% of their income to causes of global good including the development of open source software. 2. and - Two internet search sites which donates money to our favorite charities for every search we do though those sites. 3. - A distributed computing project supported by a number of corporates including IBM. 4. and - Click to donate sites - For every click we do on buttons on these sites, they will donate a certain sum for global good causes.

Posted by Ajith Sankar | August 08, 2007 09:32 am

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