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Scott Leibs, CFO Magazine
November 1, 2006

BI Competency Centers

A few issues with competency centers are often paved over. First, what exactly is competency with BI? Is it learning about the data models and how to use tools that extract and display data from relational and multidimensional databases? Or, should it be, learning how to apply these tools to get work done that is relevant, closing the loop and allowing people in the organization some mobility by not getting stuck in a job as the "go-to guy?" The other problem with competency centers, historically, has been that they tend to be staffed by the most expendable resources - typically junior employees who have developed some facility with one or two of the tools, but lack perspective on the work that people actually do, or need to do. I'd suggest that there is no competency center for Google or Ebay. When you provide technology that is on-target, rational people find a way to apply it. Unfortunately, much of BI today does not fall into that category.

Posted by Neil Raden | January 20, 2007 11:31 am

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