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Delayed in the USA

Infrastructure woes aren't just a Third-World problem, they also pose a major "last-mile" headache for American businesses from coast to coast.

John Goff, CFO Magazine
September 1, 2006

US Interstate System will need more lanes period

I started driving in 1992.As GDP keeps growing at predictable rates so does traffic volume. I would say traffic volume on the roads has doubled since 1992.But major corridors like I-81,I-85,I-40,I-80 still need remaining or complete upgrading.Sooner or later there will have to be a doubling of our interstate capacity,likely entailing simply adding more lanes.Much of the current 2 lanes each direction will need a whole new lane or even two added,like was done with I-71 in Ohio. I see private capital doing the deal,and some type of fully electronic tolling charge to run the upgraded roads paying off the private investors.All thats left is to figure the best way to cash in on this insight. In 100 years I see trucks that drive themselves by a satlink as farm tractors can do now,on the major point to point moves at least. As for the private capital Interstate/tolling concept,the sooner we start the better. Adequate roads are crucial to the economy and hence national security.Some of the bottlenecks are beginning to hit the point of absurdity,not acceptable by first world standards as I see them. OK you planners lets get the private capital moving on this.The time is already overdue!

Posted by Edward Wawriw | October 26, 2006 06:08 pm

Great Work!

I found your article outstanding in its presentation of the order of magnitude facing the US in the coming years. Two issues remain; how fast can we close the gap and who has a solution set to focus on potential mitigation? Thanks for the great article!

Posted by John Deasy | October 24, 2006 01:29 pm

Not just in USA

We have a similar problem here in Australia. With a decade long push for State and Federal government to run budget surpluses, infrastructure like ports, roads, railway, even schools and hospitals has fallen behind. Now the politicians see the obvious need to build, the multi million dollar projects are being approved the Reserve Bank is warning about overheating the economy - skills shortage, and how to pay for it - taxes and charges [tolls].

Posted by Brendan Dwyer | September 14, 2006 07:04 pm

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